Happy Ending for Lonely, Rejected Rare Baby Seal


I'm Beautiful in My Way: Baby seal born with ginger fur is shunned by his colony, left all alone to fend for self.

Lonely Ginger Seal Caters Media

Can you even stand the look on this precious pup's little face!? It's that unmistakable look of the poor soul who has been rejected on the recess playground. The moment I saw this story I felt an overwhelming need to book a flight to Russia and yell at all the mean seals on the beach who have rejected this beautifully goofy-faced, blue-eyed, pink flippered little smush! Thankfully, this story indeed has a happy ending and I didn't have to fly to Russia after all : )

An absolutely darling fur seal pup with reddish brown hair and blue eyes appears to have been shunned from the seal colony in Tyuleniy Island, Russia. Nature photographer Anatoly Strakhov first spotted the fur seal hiding under a pile of logs, far from the other seals that had congregated near the water.

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“I was pleased to be able to capture such an unusual animal, but the poor seal is almost blind and so was unlikely to survive in the wild,” Strakhov, 61, told the UK’s Daily Mail.

Baby I Was Born This Way

Estimated to be between three to four months old, fur seals are typically a dark chocolate brown, and appear almost black when wet — a sharp contrast from this young seal’s pink flippers and light-colored eyes. It is believed that he has some of the same attributes that an albino seal might have. 

Albino features often create problems for animals in the wild where they are more easily spotted by predators and they frequently suffer from poor eyesight. Some experts say his unusual color is probably the result of accumulation of iron in his fur.

A Happy Ending

Fortunately for this precious little guy, fate and the compassion of Anatoly Strakhov is shining upon him! A dolphinarium Strakhov works with is now taking care of the seal where we hope he will go on to live a happy, long life!

Photo Source: Caters/Picture Media

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