Stoned Wallabies Responsible for Crop Circles


Not out-of-space but spaced-out Wallaby

For years people blamed the strange crop circles in cornfields found around the world on aliens visiting our planet. But what Australian officials now say causes the patterns found in Australia might be even more bizarre: wallabies high on opium.

An Australian government official told BBC that the marsupials are eating opium poppies and get “as high as a kite.” Presumably the drugs make them hop around in circles, creating the mysterious patterns found in farmland down under.

Australia produces 50% of the legally grown opium intended for medicine such as morphine. The problem, however, is that animals get into the fields and eat the poppies. Substance-abusing sheep have also been seen behaving unusually.

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Are trippy Skippys really responsible for these intricate agricultural designs? Maybe. We will just wait for the videos! 

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Photo credit: Nancy Nehring/Getty Images

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