'Planet of the Apes' Depiction of Lab Animals 'Disturbingly Accurate' Says Primatologist


Ceasar Planet of the Apes Primatologist asserts the 'planet of the apes' is really our planet. Read this and you may agree too.

The previews of the new summer blockbuster 'Rise of the Planet of the Apes' are visually riveting and arguably very disturbing, particularly those scenes showing primates being subjected to cruel laboratory testing. In fact, as glowing as the reviews have been of the movie, I'm just not sure I have the stomach to watch the film ---because even though the film is total fantasy, the reality is that the laboratory testing featured in the film is not fantasy at all, according to The Seattle Times and primatologist, Dr. Debra Durham. Durham has traveled the world to study chimpanzees and other primates.

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 According to Durham, using chimpanzees in lab experiments isn't science fiction at all — at least not in the United States. Shockingly, she asserts that the United States stands virtually alone in the global community by continuing this practice of chimpanzee testing, as more than 1,000 chimpanzees are kept in labs, going from one experiment to the next until they die. The small, barren and sterile cages shown in the film are not a Hollywood creation - but are in a true representation of what really goes on behind closed laboratory doors.

New-gapa Some apes, like the movie character Caesar, were born in labs while others were stolen from the wild and have been in experiments for 30, 40 or even 50 years.

How You Can Help: Getting Apes out of Labs Just Takes a Vote

According to The Seattle Times, legislation that would phase out invasive experiment on great apes and retire most to sanctuaries has been introduced in Congress (HR 1513 and S 810). This legislation, known as The Great Ape Protection and Cost Savings Act, could save the federal government about $30 million every year. The movie is a reminder to get the law passed!

Learn more about The Great Ape Protection and Cost Savings act at releasechimps.org. 

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