El Chupacabra or A Most Unfortunate Badger? You Decide


Chupacabra sighting Minnesota A face only a mother could love.

Minnesotans are befuddled over an unidentified dead mammal that was spotted last week on a country road. The creepy-looking, all-white creature has five claws on its front paws, long toenails and odd dark tufts of hair on its back and has quickly prompted speculation that Minnesota is home to the legendary chupacabra, KSAX-TV reports.

Lacey Ilse was driving close to her near Alexandria, when she first saw the dead carcass."We saw something in the middle of the road, and we knew it wasn't a dog or a cat, because it didn't have hair," Ilse told KSAX-TV. "It had a clump of hair and all the rest was just white skin. Its ear was all mis-shaped. To me, it looked half-human," 

Chupacabras*, or "goat suckers," are creatures said to live in Mexico, Puerto Rico and in different parts of the United States and are described as something between a dog and a wolf. Most wildlife experts believe the weird-looking animals are coyotes afflicted with mange, caused by an infection of tiny parasites that results in their hair falling out and leaving them with shriveled skin. 

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The body of the Minnesota chupacabra suspect has been frozen officials may soon do a DNA test to hopefully identify the mysterious roadkill. What do you think it looks like? Whatever the creature may be, it definitely has a face for radio.

[VIDEO: Watch a family who claims to have been chased by a Chupacabra]

*Yours truly has found that when said with dramatic flair, "CHUPACABRA!" is also a word that, when yelled into a large crowd at night, can elicit a great flurry of activity.



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