6-Year Old Girl Forgives Shark That Chomped Her Leg



Shark-week-reef-dwellers-3 A brave six-year-old girl ferociously attacked by a shark while on a family vacation last week has declared she forgives the shark for biting her. There is no response/comment from the shark as of this writing. 

Lucy Mangum was standing in 18-inches of water at Ocracoke Island, North Carolina, when her leg was bitten twice by the shark, who essentially was one week early for #sharkweek. Thankfully, Lucy’s parents, one of whom is an ER doctor, took immediate action. 

She was ultimately rushed to the hospital via helicopter, according to ABC News. “She’ll be in a wheel chair for a little bit… But she’s going to walk and function pretty well….and play like she should,” Mr. Mangum told ABC. Lucy will undergo physical therapy, and doctors expect she will be fully recovered in six to eight weeks.

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As for the shark, Lucy relayed that she prefers dolphins and told the Today Show that “I don’t care that the shark bit me, I forgive him”. With Lucy’s parents’ explanation that the shark made a mistake in biting her, the family told ABC that the attack will not prevent Lucy from getting in the water again, or deter them from beach vacations in the future.

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Wildlife experts say shark attacks are extremely rare, and the International Shark Attack File (ISAF), located at the Florida Museum of Natural History indicates that “The growth in the shark attack numbers does not necessarily mean that there is an increase in the rate of shark attacks, rather it most likely is reflective of the ever-increasing amount of time spent in the sea by humans, which increases the odds of interactions.”


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