The Blind Side: Tiny Black Hen Adopts Ginormous Ostrich Babies [VIDEO]


IMG_20110705_085634_20110706051634_640_480 A tiny black hen at the Crowe's Nest Farm, a nonprofit farm a few miles east of Austin, is taking one for the team and has been lovingly mothering five ostrich babies for the last few weeks, ensuring their survival.

David Williams started taking in ostriches back in the 1980’s when farmers didn't want them anymore. "It was a failed agriculture experiment of trying to market ostrich meat and ostrich products," said Williams. But when the ostriches started having babies, the chicks sadly would not survive long as either the parents would step on them or the owls or coyotes would get them.

An Unlikely Foster Mom 

This time around, Williams wanted to try something a little different - and when the five ostriches were just a day old, he took them from their mother and put them in the aviary and assigned a plucky little black hen as the surrogate mamma. She quickly took them under her wing and they now go everywhere she goes! They sleep together and eat together.

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But a family that sleeps and eats together may not necessarily stay together. Soon these cute little six week old ostriches may have to say good-bye to their new mom, because they grow a foot a month up to eight feet and will weigh 300 pounds! The farm will build a new enclosure next to their current home so they can still see their adopted mother. Awww.

See them in action in the video below!


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