Monkey Couple Marries, Elopes to Escape Crowds


Monkey Wedding India I'm simply bananas for you.

In the tiny Indian village of Talwas, deep in the forests of India, live to two monkeys who tied the knot last week - a first for the country (and possibly the universe?). While there's no word where the happy couple is registered (Banana Republic?), Raju, the groom, is locally known in the village for eating, sleeping and smoking cigarettes with his owner, who treated Raju like a son according to Time Magazine. (Gee, Raju sounds like a real prize for a husband.) Chinki, the bride, belonged to a priest in a nearby village.

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A traditional arranged marriage, which is common in Indian culture -- Chinki's owner approached Saini with a marriage proposition that he could not refuse. However, the problem is that marriage of animals is illegal as it violates  the 1972 Wildlife Protection Act, and dictates that citizens aren't allowed to pet or train monkeys, let alone marry them off.

The Bride Wore White

An extravagant (illegal) wedding was planned for the betrothed - as hundreds of invitations were sent out, and a pre-wedding feast and fancy procession complete with a horse were on the agenda. However, on the day of the nuptials, authorities flooded the village of Talwas and encountered hundreds of villagers awaiting the spectacle.

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The monkeys, meanwhile, eloped and secretly married in the deep woods. Officials have since found Raju and Chinki and hope to release them back into the wild soon. No word regarding whether they will be keeping all their registry gifts.

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