Mouth to Beak CPR Revives American Bald Eagle (Video)


Story by Megan D. from American-bald-eagle-injured-625x450

A seriously injured American Bald Eagle was saved by a Oregon veterinarian the other day.  Dr. Jeff Cooney was performing an examination of the bird’s injuries under anesthesia when the eagle named Patriot stopped breathing.  Dr. Cooney gave mouth to beak resuscitation and quickly got Patriot to start breathing on his own again.

In what was thought to be injuries caused by an automobile, the raptor sustained a fractured wing and dislocated elbow and wrist.

“The dislocated shoulder and his paralyzed right leg are his major problems right now,” Dr. Cooney told KTVZ News. “His shoulder is really badly damaged… if he was going to live forever in pain from the shoulder injury, I’d have to euthanize him.”

Let’s hope it will not come to that.  Keep up with Patriot’s progress by following him on Twitter.



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Photo Credit: iStockphoto/Thinkstock



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