I'm On A Boat! Killer Shark Jumps Self, Lands In A Boat


shark jumps into boat

"Hey - can I hitch a ride? My fins are killing me....."

With #SharkWeek just days away, a killer shark is getting with the program and shocked a boat load of scientists as it leapt from the ocean and landed squarely into a boat scientists studying the beasts! The six scientists from Oceans Research looked on in horror as the enourmous great white shark crashed on to the vessel and began to thrash around in a violent rage, severing vital fuel lines.


The Oceans Research group were in Mossel Bay, South Africa, last week putting fish oil and bait in the water to attract sharks so they could take photographs of their fins for identification. The Sun reports that the crew members wrapped a rope around the big fish and attempted to pull it back into the water, but he was too big and they were forced to return to the harbour at Mossel Bay, pouring cold water over the shark's gills to keep it alive.

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The conservation group indicates that it was the first time they've heard of a great white jumping on to a boat, and asserts that perhaps the fish could have mistaken the vessel's shadow for prey or been disturbed by another shark.


The good news, is that the shark was eventually lifted back into the water with a crane. We only wish that the same happy re-release could have occurred for the beautiful leopard from last week : (.

[Shark Week begins July 31 at 9pm - sink your teeth into the Shark Week schedule here]

Photos: Courtesy of Oceans Research


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