Ka-ching! Alexander McQueen Leaves His Dogs Rolling in the Dough


Alexander McQueen's Dog A sizeable chunk of high-end fashion designer Alexander McQueen's estate has literally gone to the dogs. The fashion couturier, who sadly committed suicide last year, did not forget about his beloved English Bull Terriers, Minter, Juice and Callum when preparing his will. According to the BBC, McQueen left £50,000, which in American dollars would be just short of $82,000. 

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Reports indicate that McQueen wanted to make sure that his three dogs would be pampered for the rest of their lives and at one point told Arena Homme+ magazine in a 2009 article that, "My dogs are the only thing in the world I really trust."  

McQueen also gave four charities about $164,000 each, two of which include Battersea Dogs and Cats Home and the Blue Cross animal welfare charity. The money was "a lovely surprise" from "a devoted animal lover" and supporter of Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, Spencer Wisdom, the center's legacy manager, told the BBC.

[Nancy the Sheep Herding Chihuahua is also from Battersea Dog and Cat Rescue!]

Trouble Was Still the Richest

While Minter, Juice & Callum will certainly be turning heads at the dog park given their newfound windfall, Leona Helmsley's tiny Maltese "Trouble" still takes the cake for the richest 'dog.' As you may recall, Trouble's owner, New York Hotel heiress Leona Helmsley, who died in 2007,  bequeathed  $12 million to her dog. A judge later knocked down the dog's inheritance to $2 million. Trouble died at age 12 yearlier this year.

photo source: london evening standard

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