Robomutt: Bionic Limbs Give Amazing Dog a Leg Up!


Bionic Dog Prosthetic Paws Running and Romping Now a Reality for Naki'o!

Meet Naki'o -- the first dog to be fitted with a complete set of bionic paws that work naturally to allow him to run, jump and even swim! This tenacious pooch received these innovative prosthetic paws after his own were severely frostbitten as a result of being abandoned during a freezing Nebraska winter. When Naki'o was first adopted, his legs had healed to rounded stumps, and he had to crawl on his stomach to move. Awww -- poor guy!

Despite his many challenges, Naki'o still possessed a certain "joy de vivre" and it was that spirit that captivated his owner, a veterinary technician, to adopt him from a shelter and raise money for him to get prosthetics for Naki'o.

Limbs Give New Lease on Life!

Designed and fitted in a pioneering procedure by OrthoPets, a Denver company specializing in pet prosthetics, Naki'o can now play fetch to his heart's content and enjoy his newfound mobility with his completed set of power paws!

Naki'o's bionic limbs make him the first dog in the world to have four prosthetic paws -- according to Martin Kaufmann, the founder of OrthoPets. According to Kaufman, Naki'o's only challenge will be learning once again what the ground feels like to walk on -- and he has no doubt Naki'o's playful spirit will help him adjust to his new paws.

Check Naki'o out in action below!

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