Shanghai, China's One Dog Policy Takes Effect



Officials estimate that 800,000 pet dogs are living -- and barking and pooping -- in Shanghai, China, and apparently that's a problem for government officials responsible for keeping civic order. So, in an effort to curb the population -- and reduce the risk of dog attacks they say -- a new policy of one dog per household has been put into effect.


Although the policy was announced some months ago, dog owners rushed to have their pets licensed over the weekend in order to have multiple pets in a household grandfathered into the policy. But a report from China's State Media says animal shelters have been expanded in anticipation of an increase in pet abandonment now that the policy is in place. The license fee had been on the high side (about $300), but was reduced to $77 right before the policy took effect, prompting the rush.


Some other facts:

  • More than 140,000 people reported being bitten by unlicensed dogs in Shanghai in 2010. (ZME Science)
  • Dogs bigger than 39.36 inches are banned from the city center, as are pit bulls and bulldogs. (ZME Science)
  • Unregistered dogs can be taken away from their owners. (ZME Science)
  • How many people in Shanghai, you say? At last count (2009), the figure was put at 19 million. (AFP)
  • Similar laws are on the books in the Chinese cities Beijing, Guanzhou and Chengdu. (CNN)

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