Foodie Bonobos Review and Share Best Spots for Foraging



If you are a foraging bonobo and you hear a series of barks and peeps from fellow foraging bonobos, you may have found the best kiwi dining spot in the forest. In the first study of its kind, scientists have learned that apes share details about food and food quality with each other.

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Researchers say bonobos have a combination of five distinct calls used for food reviews, suggesting the extensive intelligence and language and listening skills of the species. When they find food, bonobos communicate to others with a grunt as do their chimpanzee cousins. But bonobos add a few more calls.



Recorded calls from bonobos at Twycross Zoo in Britain found that they made a series of low peeps and yelps when they encountered an unappetizing batch of apples. But they used higher pitched long barks with short peeps to share when they found their favorite food, kiwis, and became more vocal when they were in a good foraging spot for their favorite food.

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Photo Credits: Martin Harvey/Corbis (2) | GORAN TOMASEVIC/Reuters/Corbis |


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