Animal Personalities Range From Outgoing to Timid, Bird Study Proves



Some people can handle life’s little stresses better than others, and it’s no different for animals, according to a new study. Researchers classified the personalities of 22 goldfinches and found that outgoing birds handled new situations better than timid ones.

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Researchers found that personality is linked to how well animals handle stress. They placed a brightly colored cookie cutter in the food bowls of each bird and timed how long it would take each to eat from the bowl. It took bolder birds only a few seconds and more timid birds up to 30 minutes.

The most timid birds also showed higher levels of damaging oxygen toxins and weaker defenses as a result of the new stress-inducing situation.



"Neophobic birds -- those that are afraid of new things -- may suffer high costs of oxidative stress and die early because they paid these physiological costs, but they might also be less likely to be eaten by a predator because they are more wary than bolder birds," explained Dr. Kathryn Arnold, of the environment department at the University of York in the U.K., who led the study.

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