Rip Curl Ricki the Surf-ice Dog



Ricochet aka "Rip Curl Ricki" surfs with quadriplegic teen Patrick Ivison/
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This is one amazing dog, and one incredible story. Judy Fridono trained her golden retriever pup, Ricochet - from the pup was born - as a service dog in the Puppy Prodigies Neo-natal & Early Learning Program, which Fridono founded. While Ricochet did great the first few months, by 9 months of age, she started chasing birds, something very instinctual for retrievers. Fridono tried hard to keep it under control because this would not work in a service animal, but couldn’t overcome it, so she made the hard choice to remove Ricochet from the service animal program.

The very next day, Fridono had an idea – why not use Ricochet’s instincts and abilities rather than fighting against them? Ricochet had already learned how to surf as a puppy, and Fridono says the idea Surfing for Paws-abilities just came to her. Before long, “Rip Curl Ricki” was winning surf dog contests off the California Coast near San Diego where they lived. Fridono dubbed Ricki a SURF-ice dog.

For the past three months, Ricki has earned over $10,000 for quadriplegic teen surfer Patrick Ivison – her first fundraiser. Along with a grant from WebMD Health Foundation, they raised enough to cover three years of Ivison’s physical therapy and his own service dog, Kona. In August, Ivison and Ricochet surfed in tandem for the first time and they plan to raise money for others in need. Ivison’s goal is to use physical therapy so he can walk across the stage at his high school graduation. He was pinned under a car at age 14 months and has been in a wheelchair nearly his whole life.

Over the holidays, Ricki has traded her surfboard for a Santa hat, and is helping raising funds for Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego and Hurley’s Living the Dream Foundation. Ricki will help deliver the toys to the children. You can donate via their website,. Visit Ricochet’s Facebook page and definitely view the video below with cute puppy pics including Ricochet training from when she was a very young pup!

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